About Us

American Outdoor Guide: Boundless is the latest step in the evolution of a knowledge source that has been important to me for many years, first as American Survival Guide, then as American Outdoor Guide and now as an all-digital membership.

Why did we tack Boundless to the end of our name? We’re Boundless because now we’re not limited to a certain number of printed pages. We’re not limited only to content that meets the approval of retailers who can ban publications from their shelves. Most of all, we’re not limited to a one-way conversation. We’re not going to preach to you from some high pulpit. We’re going to make this a two-way conversation. We know you have good ideas and we want you involved. We want you to share what you know. The things we can all learn, not just from our contributing experts, but from each other is, well, Boundless.

Steven Paul Barlow, Editor

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