The Gerber Doubledown measures a bit more than 15 inches long from tip to tail.

Knife Review: Gerber Doubledown

This Gerber folds like a butterfly, swings like a machete.

It draws the best from three different types of blades: The Gerber Doubledown works like a machete, handles like a knife and folds like a balisong. Often, when a company introduces a product that’s a crossbreed of diverse design elements, the result is something that offers more compromise than true multipurpose utility. It’s true of the crossover SUV I drive, and it’s true of big blades. And that’s why I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the Doubledown. But, after spending some time in the field with this tool, I’m now convinced of its usefulness on several fronts. (Don’t tell my four kids, but I’m p

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