group of women on Capitol Hill steps

Women for Gun Rights Return to Capitol Hill

The DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, returned to Washington, D.C. on September 13-16, 2022, to deliver its core message to Congress. The group’s 51 delegates representing 48 states met with legislators from both sides of the aisle. The DC Project advocates that gun rights are human rights. Their effort concluded with a rally on the steps of the United States Supreme Court.

A Voice for Gun Rights

DC Project Founder Dianna Muller commented, “This was our fifth fly-in and it was the most impactful trip we have experienced.” Muller added, “We built bridges by sharing our personal and emotional stories of violence while emphasizing solutions the firearms industry is spearheading in mental health, school safety and firearms education.”

During the trip, the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, co-chaired by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) hosted a reception. The DC Project presented its pillars and explained how legislators can partner with the group to provide armor in the attacks on the Second Amendment. “This organization of women is a game changer. For years, anti-gun women and politicians have demanded Congress strip away the rights of law-abiding gun owners; the DC Project provides a counter to their misinformation,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) stated.

DC Project meets with legislators
DC Project founder Dianna Muller speaks with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene about gun rights.

The delegates not only attended more than 135 meetings, but also made countless impressions across the city with personal interactions with residents and tourists. The DC Project anticipates continuing the momentum at the individual state level.

Learn how to support or join by becoming an effective Second Amendment advocate in your community and with your legislators by visiting this website: DC Project – Women for Gun Rights. Follow the DC Project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and visit their extensive video library on their YouTube channel. For more on the importance of self-defense, check out this article: STAY IN THE FIGHT WITH SELF-DEFENSE – American Outdoor Guide.

Who Is the DC Project?

The DC Project is a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment. They are a nonpartisan initiative of daughters, mothers and sisters who believe education – not legislation – is the key to firearm safety and violence prevention. The DC Project aims to counter the disinformation gun-control groups circulate by informing their friends, families, communities and legislators with the stance that gun rights are human rights.

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