The author—with a yellowtail snapper in Key West, Florida. The charter put him in the right area and provided gear and bait. This is a great way to try fishing in order to decide whether you like it or not—without spending a great deal of money. (Photo: Dana Benner)


Start with small steps as you blaze your outdoor adventure path to fun! Sadly, many outdoor writers tend to write articles that assume the reader is well-versed in the subject being covered. We write about gear and advanced concepts of the activity, but we tend to forget the little things. We gloss over the basics—the “crawling” part of the process, if you will. This article is intended to cover those crawling stages of outdoor adventures, because none of us started this journey by running. “Outdoor adventures can be physically demanding, so you need to know your limitations. Your enthusiasm and pride might say, ‘I can do this,’ but your body might say something entirely dif

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