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AOG Boundless April Issue Now Available

The AOG Boundless April issue is ready to read on your device. Each month, this members-only digital publication promises to be the premier self-reliance knowledge source.

It’s the latest evolution of the iconic American Survival Guide that later became American Outdoor Guide. Those magazines were relied on for many years by those seeking an independent life of adventure while being proactive in planning for critical situations. Engaged Media began publishing this magazine in the new format with last month’s March issue.

AOGB April Cover
The AOGB April issue is available now for members only.

AOG Boundless April Is Packed With Great Articles

This latest issue is filled with informative and entertaining content. What should you do if you’re face to face with a bear? What shouldn’t you do? With more of us hitting the trails, and bear populations on the rise, AOG Boundless April looks to answer those serious questions.

This issue includes even more articles on outdoor adventure and self-reliance. It provides tips on assembling packable fishing kits, takes a look at the benefits of takedown survival bows, and provides some top picks in emergency lighting. We’ll show you ways to find ready-made shelter in an emergency, and how to start your hunt for wild spring edibles. We’ll take a close look at the Grayl UltraPress water purifier too. Are you ready to hit the road? This issue takes you on a tour of 5 national parks to consider for your next great outdoor adventure getaway.

Be Prepared For Anything

AOG Boundless will still be the go-to source for emergency preparedness and all things related to survival in uncertain circumstances. But the magazine’s subject matter will be more varied and far reaching. It encourages readers to take their skills, knowledge, and gear and use it for adventure in their everyday lives rather than store it away for a “someday, what-if” crisis.

To see the April issue and to gain access to loads of great past American Survival Guide content, join the AOG Boundless community. Click on the button below and become a member.

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