ASG-TV Exclusive: Vaughn Neville of The ManSpot

Vaughn Neville, of the ManSpot, is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment.

(Image: The ManSpot)


When Amber Hargrove attended SHOT Show this past January, she met Vaughn Neville of The ManSpot. Together with his “smokin’ hot” lady, Kaitlyn, of The WifeSpot, Neville has blown up on Instagram. “She loves makeup and beauty blogs, and I’m literally the most redneck guy in my neighborhood,” he jokes.

Amber sat down with Neville to learn more about why he gets up every morning.




“First and foremost, I’m a family man,” Neville tells Amber. Yeah, he and Kaitlyn have gathered almost 600,000 followers on Instagram and several major sponsorships. But “we’re just real, normal people with three kids and two dogs.”


        Kaitlyn and Vaughn Neville take a break for a post on her Instagram page, theWifeSpot.           (Image: The WifeSpot)


The Second Amendment

“I earned my first gun selling Scout-O-Rama tickets,” Neville recalls. “The top prize was a .22 rifle. I sold tickets outside the grocery store for weeks to earn that .22.”

Neville believes it’s important to have the equipment and the skills to provide for himself and his family should they ever have to face a worst case scenario. “I’ve been a huge advocate of the Second Amendment.”

Every year he hunts mule deer to hone his shooting skills. He also hunts coyotes, “though many people wouldn’t say that’s hunting—it’s pest control,” he laughs.


American History

Many of the t-shirts Neville sells on his site have American history themes, including an upcoming “Pirate Patriot 1812” t-shirt that features Jean Lafitte.



“The Terror of the Gulf of Mexico”, pirate and patriot Jean Lafitte.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)


Jean Lafitte was a pirate who roamed the Gulf of Mexico in the early 1800s, Neville explains. This bad boy fought the British when they began to menace our fledgling country in The War of 1812. Both the British and the Americans offered Lafitte money to fight for them. Lafitte chose the Americans, and he helped then-General Andrew Jackson and his troops with the Battle of New Orleans. (If you’ve heard this old Johnny Horton song, you’ve heard about the Battle of New Orleans.) Lefitte helped ensure that Americans got to keep the country they’d fought so hard to gain during the American Revolution. If it weren’t for him, “we’d all be English,” Neville tells Amber.

Americans should learn more about our history, Neville declares. He wants his apparel to be a “jumping off point” for further exploration.



Neville begun to get into off-roading and off-road racing.

                Kaitlyn and Vaughn Neville share some downtime at an off-roading event.                         (Image: The ManSpot)


Right now, he drives a Jeep JK—you know, to keep things simple for now. But someday, he wants to upgrade. “When I think of crazy, I think of trophy trucks.” He wants to get crazy and have his own “trophy truck,” someday, he tells Amber.


Most Memorable Survival Situation

Once, when he and his buddies were out snowmobiling in a remote area, one of the snowmobile’s skis broke off. The group rooted around in the snow for the broken ski. When they couldn’t find it, they cut down a limb and fashioned their own makeshift ski. “It literally took hours,” and they had to fasten the makeshift ski onto the snowmobile with their boot laces. Thanks to their ingenuity, they made it out.



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