New Products (November 2021 Issue)

Check out these amazing new products featured in November 2021 issue of American Outdoor Guide Boundless.

With the coming of fall, it’s time to think about hunting season and holiday gift-giving. This month, we have a wide variety of new offerings from a number of high-quality manufacturers.

Whether you’re hunting, hiking, off-roading or building a new EDC system or bug-out kit, American Outdoor Guide has you covered with a selection of knives, ammo, vehicle accessories, clothing, electronics and outdoor gear.

As always, we’ll only bring you products from trusted sources so you can be sure that your hard-earned money will stretch as far as possible.

Apricoat Down Jacket

This hooded jacket is suited for a wide range of fall and winter weather. Its water-repellent ripstop polyester shell also includes a polyester insulation layer that provides the weight and warmth benefits of down without the downsides of wet compression and special care. In addition, the intuitive placement of 11 IntuPockets throughout the jacket enable you to balance your load of critical EDC gear. Rugged shoulder reinforcements are backpack friendly, and the fleece side panels move with you during active periods. Its integrated gloves are a great asset in colder weather and are impossible to lose.

MSRP: $249

Dark Energy Mavrik Wireless Charging Pad

Dark Energy, creator of the rugged Poseidon Power Bank, is proud to announce the new Mavrik Wireless Charging Pad. Unlike most wireless charging pads, it continues the Dark Energy tradition with its rugged, yet slim, construction. The body of the Mavrik is reinforced with steel and covered with soft leather. It’s compatible with all Qi-enabled wireless charging systems, as well as Apple Magsafe, and incorporates alignment light guides to ensure your device is in the optimal position for charging. The Mavrik ships with a rugged Dark Energy USB-C-to-USB-C cable and is compatible with high-output power supplies.


Anarchy Outdoors Ruger Extended Magazine Release

The Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle has gained a huge following because of its precision and as a training tool for the long-range rifle discipline. Anarchy Outdoors has addressed one of the rifle’s few deficiencies by creating an easy-to-use extended magazine release. While the original magazine release is functional, it can be hard to access. This innovative, new “Whale Tail” design provides easy access and rapid mag changes. Each Whale Tail is precisely manufactured from T6061 aluminum and is available in a variety of anodized finishes.

MSRP: $34.99

Exotac xREEL 
Fishing Kit

Exotac is well-known for its innovation and extreme quality. The brand-new xREEL continues that tradition. The xREEL is an all-in-one hand line fishing kit that’s small enough to be stowed in a pocket and capable enough to keep you fed in the backcountry. Each xREEL is expertly machined from high-grade aluminum. The exterior of the xREEL holds more than 50 feet of 15-pound test monofilament. A soft TPE finger loop provides a comfortable, secure grip when using the reel. The perimeter of the reel is machined with a continuous series of hook parking holes for safe storage. Unscrewing the top cap reveals a large, watertight compartment that’s designed to hold a variety of accessories. Each xREEL is delivered with two bobbers, six split shot and five hooks.

MSRP: $89.95

Lems Boulder Boots Mid Leather

I’m a huge fan of Lems Boulder Boots. This footwear features a wide toebox, a Zero-drop design, moderate cushioning and extreme flexibility. As a bonus, Boulder Boots are exceptionally lightweight and ruggedly constructed. I consider these to be moccasins made with modern materials. New for 2021, Lems has introduced its Boulder Boot with a mid-height upper. By taking a little off the top, the boots are even lighter and more packable than the originals. These boots also feature a new cork footbed to improve breathability, comfort and microbial resistance.

MSRP: $135

Federal Personal 
Defense Punch .22LR

Not everyone feels comfortable with full-sized centerfire firearms and ammunition. Federal has developed its new Personal Defense Punch .22LR for those who want to maximize the defensive performance of the .22LR cartridge. The 29-grain bullet is rated at 1,070 fps out of a 2-inch barrel. This translates to 1,650 fps when shot from a 24-inch rifle barrel. The flat-nosed lead projectile is nickel plated, as is the cartridge case, and the ammunition has been designed for clean, smooth functioning in a wide variety of firearms. Whether you’re hunting small game or defending yourself and your family, the new Federal Punch ammunition is designed to work every time you pull the trigger.

MSRP: $10.99/50 rounds

Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12000 Winch

The Badland Apex 12000 Winch is built for hardcore off-roading and extreme conditions. This 12,000-pound winch features a powerful series-wound motor designed to maximize power and minimize heat. Hardened, machined steel planetary gears ensure fast, quiet and reliable pulling power. A removable control pack allows for a variety of mounting options via an included mounting bracket system. The winch is equipped with 80 feet of 3/8-inch UHMW synthetic rope, a forged alloy steel hook and an aluminum hawse fairlead to extend rope life. The Apex 12000 includes a fully wireless control system and has an IP68 and IP69K rating for extreme dust and water resistance.

MSRP: $599.99

Hidden Woodsmen Dayruck EDC

The Hidden Woodsmen brand is synonymous with high-quality gear. Its owner and lead designer, Malcolm Coderre, designed the Dayruck EDC to be a versatile backpack that can be used every day. This 18L pack measures 16.5x11x4.5 inches and is made from military-grade 500D Cordura in a variety of colors and patterns. Generously padded shoulder straps are fully adjustable and include a sternum strap. The front exterior panel is loaded with MOLLE webbing for attaching accessories or gear, and there are two large web pockets on the sides for carrying water bottles and canteens. The interior is lined with blaze-orange fabric for increased visibility of the contents.

MSRP: $145

Zippo Firefast MTB Set

Zippo knows a thing or two about starting fires. For decades, its lighters have been in the pockets of soldiers, outdoorsmen and anyone who needs a sure way to start a fire. The Firefast MTB set includes a 5/16-inch-diameter ferrocerium rod that’s contained in a protective housing. Removing the housing reveals a generous stainless steel striker for creating sparks. The kit also includes five 2-inch bundles of natural pine tinder impregnated with paraffin that are designed to ignite with sparks from the ferro rod and burn for up to eight minutes each. A collapsible steel bellows is also included for easier maintenance of your fire after it’s been started.

MSRP: $19.95

Dark Energy USB-C Wall Adapter

The Dark Energy Poseidon Pro has retained the extreme rugged design of its predecessor and included Fast Charge abilities for reduced downtime when charging devices. The Pro also has the ability to Fast Charge itself but requires an adapter that’s up to the job. The new Dark Energy USB-C Wall Adapter incorporates a 20W output into a small, minimalistic design. It’s regulated to allow it to charge almost any device and is optimized to deliver 20W of power to all rapid-charge-enabled devices.

MSRP: $19.99

Wheelis Forge Bolo

Wheelis Forge is a veteran-owned business dedicated to creating handcrafted knives of extreme quality. The new Bolo design is a hard-use, functional work of art. The Bolo measures 15 inches overall and has a 9.5-inch cutting edge. That edge incorporates a 3.5-inch hollow-ground section near the handle for fine carving, with the remaining 6 inches receiving a stout, convex grind for chopping. Blade steel is 5/32-inch-thick 80CrV2 that’s been tempered for durability and toughness. The multiposition handle has rugged Micarta scales. Saw teeth are an available option. Each bolo is delivered with a unique, acid-washed blade finish and a slim Kydex sheath.

MSRP: Starting at $445

Centerline Systems GCC

Centerline Systems is best known as the creator of the MOTHER Canteen Carrier—one of the best systems available for carrying survival essentials. The new GCC is like the MOTHER … on steroids. With a main compartment large enough to conceal a handgun, the GCC can hold a wide variety of canteen systems—in addition to a grill, food, a 5X7-foot tarp, water purification system and much more. The GCC is handmade in the U.S.A. and uses 500D Cordura nylon, MIL-SPEC webbing and fasteners. It can be carried with the supplied shoulder strap or integrated MOLLE webbing. A wide variety of color options is available, including custom requests.

MSRP: $140

Bushcraft Outfitters KoreTemp Poncho

Bushcraft Outfitters has developed the KoreTemp line of products for modularity to meet a wide variety of shelter needs. The KoreTemp Poncho measures 58×93 inches and is made from 70D MIL-SPEC ripstop nylon that’s fire retardant and has been PU coated for extreme weather resistance. KoreTemp fabric uses the current OCP camo pattern and is made in the U.S.A. The poncho features a 1.5-inch piece of webbing sewn into the perimeter for added durability, along with double-sided snap closures for turning the poncho into an emergency bivvy or to integrate it with other KoreTemp products, as well as eight low-profile tabs for stakes and tie-outs.

MSRP: $145.70

SRM 7228 EDC Knife

The SRM 7228 is a new offering from SRM knives. The 7228 incorporates a sliding ambi-lock for easy, one-handed ambidextrous operation. The scales are machined from G10 and house sturdy, 420 stainless steel liners for strength. The 2.72-inch blade is made from 0.12-inch-thick D2 tool steel and incorporates a high saber grind. The deep-carry pocket clip is reversible and requires no tools. Simply pinch the rear of the clip, pull it out of its slot, and reinstall it on the opposite side. The knife is available in three handle/blade color options, weighs only 2.56 ounces and is designed for discreet, comfortable carry.

MSRP: $49.95

Anarchy Outdoors Polymer Throw Levers

Anarchy Outdoors is proud to announce its new polymer throw levers for a wide variety of optics. Shown here is the throw lever for the Leupold Mk5 scope series. These throw levers are made with Nylon 11, making them virtually indestructible. The handle has been hollowed out to reduce visual obstructions, and each throw lever is specifically engineered to precisely fit the magnification ring of the optic it was designed for. The lever is installed using a single screw, and the mating surfaces are designed to prevent the ring from ever slipping off.

MSRP: Starting at $24.99

Ulticlip UltiLink Complete Kit

Ulticlip has made a name for itself as one of the premier systems for quickly and discreetly securing sheaths, holsters and much more. The new UltiLink follows that tradition by providing a secure, quick-detach system for your gear. The UltiLink consists of a steel locking pinion and stainless steel mount that can be secured to belts, MOLLE webbing, straps and other attachment points. The pinion and mount allow for 12 separate locking angles. By adding pinions to your gear, you can quickly remove, swap and adjust gear to meet your needs.

MSRP: $23.99

Editor’s Note:

A version of this article first appeared in the November 2021 issue of American Outdoor Guide Boundless.

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