6 Tools for Everyday Survival

Everyday Carry Accessories

If you emptied out your pockets right now, what would you find? Perhaps a wallet and smartphone? Maybe a set of house and vehicle keys? There are many pocket-appropriate accessories that complement any type of lifestyle. Some accessories are useful, some are fun, all can add capabilities to your EDC in different ways. In this edition of Deep Pockets, we look at an array of pocket tools that can benefit those on the go. EDC

1. MyCharge

Roughly the size of a wallet, this triple-fold solar panel and flashlight-equipped 8,000mAh portable charger allows you to charge two devices at one time.

MSRP: $60

Anywhere Tools

Modular Anywhere Tools transform your everyday carry tools from a bulky, oddly shaped, noisy assemblage of things to a fully customized set of keychain-based tools and tech. 

MSRP: starting at $6


Wish you could carry your multi-tool everywhere? With the Micra, you can. It packs a knife, tweezers, file, scissors and more into a 1.8-ounce keychain-size multi-tool.

MSRP: $30

ClipiTool Rescue

This multi-function pocketknife offers three different folding tools, including a fully serrated sheepsfoot blade, a hook-shaped cutter, and a screwdriver blade.

MSRP: $83


This mini multi-tool delivers full-size utility. It is equipped with all the standard tools and a magnetic hex bit holder, pliers, and corkscrew. Measures only 3.25 inches long when closed.

MSRP: $60

Knife Maintenance Tool

This keychain tool is equipped with two blade sharpeners and two magnetic hex bit sockets. Included are T6 and T8 Torx bits as well as a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver.

MSRP: $30


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the Winter, 2019 print issue of EDC Buyers Guide.

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