Discover what are the 10 best Backpacking Knives to pack with you for 2024 outdoor adventures. Find out different designs and choose the one ideal for you.

The 10 Best Backpacking Knives of 2024: Light and Practical

Knives are crucial tools for any backpacking adventure. These bladed instruments are versatile, useful for everything from basic self-defense against wildlife to starting fires, cooking food, and performing utility tasks like gathering resources. They can even handle tough jobs like chopping wood.

A good backpacking knife combines all these functions into one compact, practical, and easily carried tool. It should fit seamlessly into a backpack or pocket, ready to be drawn to simplify and support the backpacker’s journey and experience.

10. Arc – Leatherman

The Leatherman Arc that comes with a total of 20 tools including a couple of high-quality knives – [Image Credit – Leatherman]
Price: $300

The Leatherman Arc, although a bit expensive, stands out as a unique choice for backpacking. It’s different from typical survival and self-defense tactical knives because it works more like a Swiss Army knife. Made from Magna cut steel, this knife is a strong type of stainless steel that doesn’t rust easily. What makes it special is that it includes 19 other tools, making it versatile for various situations.

Key tools include pliers, a screwdriver, tweezers, and a serrated edge knife that’s great for cutting wood or rope. You can quickly access the knife with the push of a button, making it a convenient and multipurpose tool that clips into your pocket.

9. Assert Knife – Gerber Gear

The Gerber Assert knife that has been chosen as a favorite by many backpackers due to its ergonomic design – [Image Credit – Gerber Gear]
Price: $175

The Assert Gerber is a fixed blade knife that stands out for its ability to fold or open with a quick press of its crossbar lock, making it highly versatile and easy to carry, even in your pocket. It features an S30V stainless steel blade, renowned for its strength and resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Its drop point blade length is perfectly suited for tough tasks like batoning, while still being precise enough for delicate tasks such as cutting kindling for fire starting. It also comes equipped with a carry pocket clip, allowing for easy transport wherever you go.

8. Amigo X – D2 – Satin – Kizlyar Supreme

The Amigo from Kizlyar Supreme ideal for backpacking made with security first in mind – [Image Credit – Kizlyar Supreme]
Price: $75

The Amigo X is a highly dependable neck or pocket knife, perfect for hiking in the backcountry. Its ultralight blade is surprisingly powerful, making it an excellent choice for a backpacking trip. Crafted from D2 steel, it’s celebrated for holding its edge well and being straightforward to sharpen, serving as a trustworthy tool for both demanding tasks and cooking.

Its large finger hole makes it very comfortable to grip, making the knife feel like a natural extension of your hand. It also comes with a sheath that includes a locking mechanism to securely hold the blade in place, along with a paracord for easy attachment to a backpack.

7. Classic SD Swiss Army Knife – Victorinox

The undetectable Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that will impact the entire backpacking journey – [Image Credit – Victorinux]
Price: $21

For anyone looking for the tiniest knife that’s still great for everyday tasks without filling up their backpack, the Classic SD Victorinox knife is the perfect match. This multi-tool knife is very affordable and can greatly impact the whole backpacking adventure.

This Swiss Army knife comes with several tools made from strong steel, ready for a variety of tasks. It’s very useful for cutting rope, whittling, poking, prying, and even useful as a bottle opener. Despite its almost toy-like appearance, it’s an essential backpacking knife that’s also convenient to carry as a keychain.

6. ACC Field Knife Hammer Forged Finish – Windlass

A knife with a hook guard, a drop point blade, and a forge finish perfect for everything from cooking to survival tasks – [Image Credit – Windlass]
Price: $86

The ACC Field Knife is a robust and durable blade, perfect for extended camping and backpacking. It’s crafted from 9cr14MoV stainless steel, known for its strength and exceptional resistance to corrosion and the elements, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures.

This knife features a full-tang blade with a non-stick finish for easy food prep, tapering to a sharp tip with a hardness of about 57 HRC, which is great for hikers. The handle, slightly curved for comfort, is made of tough hardwood with bocote scales, adding to its durability. It also includes a loop for attaching a lanyard to its leather sheath, enhancing its portability and accessibility.

5. Heavy Duty Knife GK – Hultafors

The most affordable backpacking knives that comes with a lot of value – [Image Credit – Hultafors]
Price: $12

The Heavy Duty Knife GK offers the best value for its price, costing about as much as a burger but providing reliable support for camping and even potentially saving lives in the wilderness. It features Japanese knife steel with a hardness rating of 58-60 HRC, making it an excellent bushcraft and backpacking knife.

The blade is designed with a sharp bevel and a soft ridge, suitable for both precise cutting and tough tasks like batoning wood. Its handle is crafted from highly durable PP Plastic, and the knife includes a leather holster, making it perfect for long hikes and backpacking trips.

4. Columbia River Knife & Tool – CRKT

The iconic CRKT Columbia River Knife with finger openings and an extremely sturdy darkened blade – [Image Credit – CRKT]
Price: $35

The knife maker CRKT is celebrated for creating some of the most durable blades in compact sizes, a reputation that peaks with the Columbia River Knife. This ultra-lightweight blade fits easily into a backpack, making it effortless to carry thanks to its small size.

Its design includes finger grips for a secure hold and a lanyard on the pommel, allowing it to be carried as easily as a folding knife. The handle is crafted from G10 material, known for its non-slip quality, and the entire knife, blade included, features a blackened finish for a more stealthy appearance.

3. Vannak V Utility Knife Durable for Tough Jobs – Citadel

The ultralight backpacking knife with a very wide, thick, and sharp blade ideal for camping – [Image Credit – Citadel]
Price: $153

Citadel knives stand out for their superior edge retention and resistance to corrosion, making them ideal for wilderness adventures. The Vanna V Utility Knife is a prime example, designed to be a top-quality partner capable of handling a wide range of survival tasks.

Crafted from DNH7 carbon steel, it strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and strength, allowing for precise cutting of tinder, chopping wood, and food preparation. This minimalist, lightweight knife features a wide and thin tapering design, complemented by a palisander handle with a lanyard for convenient carrying.

2. Mora Companion – Morakniv

The light and very compact Mora Companion that can even be found in your nearby gas station – [Image Credit – Morakniv]
Price: $30

The Mora Companion knife is highly favored for backpacking because of its affordable price and versatility. It’s crafted from Sandvik stainless steel, which is celebrated for its ability to endure tough use and a high level or corrosion resistance making it highly worth its price.

The handle features a ferro-rod in the pommel and is made of a rubber material that ensures a firm grip, even when wet. This survival knife is suitable for a variety of tasks, from cooking to chopping wood, and sharpening it is straightforward and easy making it a perfect beginner-friendly backpacker companion.

1. White River Ursus 45 – White River Knife & Tool

An ideal backpacking knife usable for anything from food prep to starting a fire – [Image Credit – White River Knife & Tool]
Price: $250

The Ursus 45 is designed with backpacking, camping, and survival with outdoor scenarios in mind. It features S35VN steel, known for its ability to withstand considerable abuse while maintaining a sharp edge. The knife’s 4.5-inch drop point blade, combined with a thick spine, ensures durability and reliability in every kind of backpacking activity.

Included with the knife is a fire-starting kit, enhancing its utility in survival situations. The ergonomic handle, made from micarta material, provides comfort and durability in various climates. Additionally, it comes with a Kydex sheath, offering flexible carrying options to suit the owner’s preference.

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