The Skeggox hatchet and Ramadi fixed blade give you a one-two punch with lots of practical applications both as woods tools and as weapons.


THE CRKT SKEGGOX IS A HANDY CHOPPER THAT CAN HANDLE THE TOUGH CHORES Make no mistake about it, I love my big knives. But on most of my outings, I’m not limited to one knife as my only tool. When I head to the woods, I’m not barefoot, naked or afraid. I’m usually prepared with everything I need because I want my time there to be enjoyable and not a survival challenge. As part of that “prepared” philosophy, I’m more apt to pack a mid-sized knife, a saw, and either an axe, a hatchet or a tomahawk. That size knife is better for intricate tasks, and a good saw, together with a tool designed specifically for chopping, do a much more efficient job of turning big wood into small wood

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