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Here are some articles we think you’ll find of particular interest at this time.

Essential Resources for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

This is a curated list of credible resources on a wide variety of pandemic-related topics. Whether you want to track the latest stats on the outbreak in your state or country or you want to learn more about nitrile gloves and N95 masks, we have you covered. There’s even a link to the Mythbusters episode called “The Safe Sneeze” where Jamie and Adam rate three ways to reduce the impact of your sneeze on those around you.

Image by HealthMap.org


COVID-19: How To Make Your Own Mask

This is a short read with a number of great links to informative sites as well as instructions for making several styles of masks at home.

This facemask design comes from the Sarah Maker website https://sarahmaker.com.



COVID-19-Related Small Business And Contract Employee Assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on small businesses and gig workers, among many others. This article brings together an overview and important links for learning if you qualify for assistance and how to apply for grants, loans and other forms of financial support.


Grow It In A Greenhouse!

This is an essential read for those who are interested in making a home garden more than just a warm weather hobby. Our Prepper Plant Advisor, Christopher Nyerges, explains how to plan and build a home greenhouse without breaking the bank.

Photo by Christopher Nyerges


Protect The Cash In Your Stash

Seasoned preppers know the key to being self-reliant is to have a supply of critical items on hand BEFORE the need arises. However, many people fail to properly protect their investment. This article explains many ways you can store and preserve the provisions and gear you may come to depend on to get your family through the pandemic or any future crisis.

Photo by Suzy Jeffries



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