AOG Boundless Digital Magazine Makes Its Debut

Engaged Media has launched the first issue of AOG Boundless. This digital publication, for members only, is the latest in the evolutionary lineage of the self-reliance knowledge source relied on for many years in magazine form first as American Survival Guide, and then as American Outdoor Guide.

This is the latest step in the evolution of a knowledge source that has been important to me for many years, first as American Survival Guide, then as American Outdoor Guide and now as an all-digital publication.

Why did we tack Boundless to the end of our name? We’re Boundless because now we’re not limited to a certain number of printed pages. We’re not limited only to content that meets the approval of retailers who can ban publications from their shelves. Most of all, we’re not limited to a one-way conversation. We’re not going to preach to you from some high pulpit. We’re going to make this a two-way conversation. We know you have good ideas and we want you involved. We want you to share what you know. The things we can all learn, not just from our contributing experts, but from each other is, well, Boundless.

We will be creating a discussion page – Speaking of Survival – on our website for members only to exchange ideas and information. We will be starting a department in this new digital publication too called You’re the Expert. On these pages, readers can contribute short articles on various topics of interest. Do you have an easy way to construct emergency snowshoes? (Yes, winter is on my mind right now.) Do you want to share your knowledge of how to assemble and use a comprehensive first-aid kit? If “You’re the Expert,” write it down, send it in, and we’ll run your article in an upcoming issue. 

We’ll be running giveaway contests and offer members-only discounts on great gear from our corporate partners too as additional benefits for staying in the American Outdoor Guide Boundless community.  

Our subject matter will be varied and far reaching. Your concerns are our concerns, but your focus might be sharper on certain things than it is for some of our other readers. For instance, many of our readers are interested in backwoods survival and wilderness travel. So, bushcraft techniques and survival gear will continue to be a big part of what we cover.

But maybe you live in a big city and are concerned, not with rubbing two sticks together to make fire, but more about power outages, food shortages, civil unrest, street crime, and evacuation plans. Or perhaps your attention is directed more toward disaster preparedness, especially if you live in what historically has been the path of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, or other destructive forces. 

So, you can see that we have lots to talk about, you and I. The common denominator in all these things is self-reliance. We don’t want to depend on slow-moving bureaucracies (or bureau crazies as I sometimes call them) to save us. While we all need help sometimes, we strive to be more independent. We work to expand our knowledge, skills, training, positive mindset, and provisions continually as we hope for the best, but ready ourselves for the worst. 

We hope we can help with that. When things get to a critical point, whether that’s in the backwoods or the back alleys, the big question is, “Can you handle it?” We want our readers to shout back confidently, “Heck yeah!”

First Issue Is Available Now

The premier issue of AOG Boundless includes articles on avoiding common mistakes about bugging out, a review of Jackery power stations, and a do-it-yourself project to build an economical dual-fuel backpacking stove kit. There are tips on dressing for success in cold weather, and advice on choosing the right weapon for protection in the backcountry.

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Steven Paul Barlow, Editor

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