Everyone has something to contribute. Everyone can help in some way. We’re calling on you and your knowledge.

If you were among a small group of people banding together in a survival situation, what are the first things you’d do? You might pool your resources to see how you’re fixed for supplies: food, water, and other survival essentials. Then you might look around to see how each member of the group could best contribute. Maybe there’s a doctor or EMT in the group who has medical knowledge. Maybe there are others who have skills related to carpentry, auto repair, defense, hunting, fishing, engineering, or electronics who can provide their expertise.

We know the members of this American Outdoor Guide Boundless community have a wide range of knowledge, skills, and experience. We’d like to tap in to that knowledge base and let you share your expertise with our members. If you have outdoor tips you’d like to contribute, write them up and send them to me at the email address below. Perhaps you know a more practical way to filet a fish, sharpen a knife, portage a kayak, or waterproof your boots. Maybe you have a money-saving, do-it-yourself project in mind. If it’s related to outdoor adventure, we want to hear about it. 

Keep it short – we don’t want any book-length manuscripts. Our staff can help to clean up your spelling and grammar, so don’t worry too much about that either. We’re interested in your ideas more than your writing ability. Photos are helpful too. Most smart phones have great cameras these days. Feel free to send an email if you have any questions about how to submit your story or if you just want to bounce some ideas around. Chosen stories will be published in a future issue of American Outdoor Guide Boundless.

Steven Paul Barlow, editor
American Outdoor Guide Boundless

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