We’re already planning more great stories for future issues of American Outdoor Guide: Boundless.

What should you do if you encounter a bear? Run faster than the friend who’s with you is how the joke usually goes. We’ll give you better advice in an upcoming article.

Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller – yes, he’s a big guy – is the star of the Last of a Breed series on the Sportsman Channel. He keeps the skills and knowledge of the mountain men alive and well as he chronicles his outdoor adventures. We’ll talk with Laramy and get his advice on being resourceful in the wilds.

Roland Welker is a skilled Alaskan hunting guide who won Alone, Season 7 that aired on the History Channel by surviving 100 days in the Canadian wilderness, outlasting all other participants. He provides us with his unique perspective on just what long-term survival requires mentally and physically.

There’s much more ahead too, but we’d like you as a member to have a say in what’s presented in future issues. 

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