NEW PRODUCTS – April, 2018

1. M Grills C4 Portable Grill

The C4 looks like an ammo box, and it is almost as tough. It’s made with 12-gauge steel; the solid handle and hinges are made with 304 stainless steel to prevent rusting. This is a very useful survival gear.

This grill is built for power, not speed, and will survive many hot fires and cold nights in camp.

When not being used as a small grill, it makes a decent small storage case or even a fire pit. The C4 is easy to carry and clean. It is available in black and Forest Green. Optional grate removing tools are recommended for safely lifting the grate to add more coals.

Outside dimensions, including the latch, are 10.5×7.5×15.5 inches, and the cooking surface is 12×7 inches. The C4 weighs a solid 18 pounds.


This model has been upgraded since our article first appeared. See the new M Grills C4-S Portable Grills here.

MSRP: $265

2. SOL Origin Survival Kit

The Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Kit fits in your pocket but gives you the tools you need to face the unexpected.

Packed in an ABS plastic waterproof case is an array of essential survival tools: Tinder-Quik fire starters, 150-pound test braided nylon cord, MIL-SPEC stainless steel wire, and an emergency sewing and fishing kit.

It also includes more than 60 survival tips from backcountry expert Buck Tilton. The Origin’s lid has a flip-up signal mirror; and, nested in the bottom of the case, you’ll find a one-hand-operable Fire Lite sparker, a liquid-damped compass and a folding lock-blade knife.

The knife has an AUS-8 stainless steel drop point blade plus a 100 dB rescue whistle and LED light. The kit’s dimensions are 3.875×2.75×1.5 inches, and it weighs 6.1 ounces.

MSRP: $40

3. Griffin Pocket Tool XL

This stainless steel multi-tool is just a hair more than 4 inches long, but it packs more than 14 tools in one useful stainless steel package that weighs only 2.3 ounces.

In addition, it will keep your keys organized and handy, but that’s just an added bonus. With a full complement of wrenches (choose from either standard or metric versions), a ¼-inch bit driver, scoring tool, the essential bottle opener and more, you’ll find yourself heading to your toolbox and abusing your EDC knife much less frequently.

MSRP: $40

4. Exotac nanoSPARK Fire Starter

The nanoSPARK is one of those quintessential survival tools that is small and light but has a big impact on your ability to survive in the wild. Whether you use it to light a gas stove or to fire up some tinder to bring a campfire to life, the one-handed nanoSPARK will give you up to 500 strikes per replaceable flint. It’s just 2.7×0.5 inches in size but still provides you with a waterproof storage compartment for some emergency tinder. It’s made of 6061 aircraft aluminum and is available in four colors.

MSRP: $27

5. myCharge AdventureUltra Portable Charger

The AdventureUltra is one of myCharge’s largest battery banks, providing the highest power output. When you can’t or don’t want to use a heavy, bulky generator, the AdventureUltra is a paperback book-sized, 1.05-pound power source that can keep your devices running.

This survival gear will even run a 42-inch TV for up to three hours. Its maximum power output is 45 watts—enough to run a fan or recharge a drone battery.

Battery capacity is 13,400 mAh. It is compatible with small laptops, 2-in-1 laptop/tablets, tablets, smartphones and other USB devices. The AdventureUltra can run and charge a laptop at the same time. It is recharged via the included charging adapter.

MSRP: $130

6. SealLine 10 Liter Discovery Deck Dry Bag

This ultra-durable bag is SealLine’s best dry bag. It provides dependable waterproof protection for gear that must stay dry. The unique, waterproof PurgeAir valve vents trapped air, allowing the bag to compress even more after being sealed with the updated DrySeal roll-top closure.

The bag’s adjustable carry strap and multiple lash points make it easy to carry or attach to a boat or vehicle. Finding and accessing the contents of this survival gear bag is easy because of its light-colored interior. Seams are fully welded for improved strength and durability.

Available in eight colors, the 10 Liter bag weighs 13 ounces empty and measures 5×8.5×14.5 inches. Larger sizes are available.

MSRP: $50

7. ENGO Industries MST Shovel

ENGO’s Multifunction Survival Tool (MST) Shovel will handle many of the challenging and mundane tasks you encounter when on the road and in camp. The hardened aircraft aluminum handle connects you to a stainless steel blade that chops and saws.

In addition, a multi-piece survival kit is stashed in the handle that includes some paracord, a whistle, knife, bottle opener, wire cutter and fire starter. The shovel blade can also be locked at 90 degrees to use it as a hoe for snow or sand.

The MST can become an essential survival tool for use off road and in camp. It includes a durable shoulder storage bag and weighs just 2.2 pounds.

MSRP: $70

8. Point6 37.5 Hiking Light Mini Crew Socks

The key to foot health is keeping your dogs from getting too cold, hot or wet. Wool is a natural fiber that has been used for at least 1,600 years to protect feet. It is the primary component of these hiking socks. Point6’s 37.5 active particles attract moisture before it becomes a sweat droplet, maximizing evaporation and reducing dry time to keep you and your feet on the move. These mini crew socks have a 2½-inch cuff, are made with 58 percent wool, 5 percent Spandex and 37 percent nylon. They are available in four sizes.

MSRP: $20

9. Phase 5 Tactical Universal Mini Stock (UMS)

If you’re in the market for a compact stock for use on AR buffer tube applications, check out the UMS from Phase 5. This fixed-stock solution fits on a variety of AR-type buffer tubes and receiver extensions and is available in black, gray and red. Fabricated in lightweight and durable 6061-T6 aluminum, the model pictured above is mounted on Phase 5’s HexOne buffer tube, which is available separately. Two set screws and a hex key are included with the UMS. Its overall length is 5 inches, and it weighs 10.4 ounces.

MSRP: $70

10. RōM Outdoors RōM Pack

More than just a functional backpack, the RōM Pack can also convert to a hooded poncho or blanket when you’re out on the trail and get caught without proper gear. As a survival gear pack, it has more than 3,000 cubic inches of storage capacity, providing plenty of room for your gear. The pack has padded shoulder straps and includes two removable pouches that help you organize smaller items. External MOLLE webbing provides an opportunity to add even more capacity to this pack.

MSRP: $119

11. SureFire G2Z MV  CombatLight With  MaxVision

SureFire’s new 800-lumen G2Z CombatLight is built for the rigors and demands of tactical use. Its proprietary reflector combines with the optically coated polycarbonate lens to provide a focused beam with maximum light transmission. Runtime is approximately 1.5 hours. Its high-impact polymer body is tough and corrosion resistant. The simple, single-function tailcap switch is dependable and simple to operate in stressful situations. At just 4.25 ounces with the two included 123A batteries, the G2Z MV is 4.75 inches long, and the bezel diameter is 1.1 inches.

MSRP: $120

12. BLAC-RAC 1070 Vehicle Gun Rack

If you’re looking for a way to securely mount a rifle in your vehicle, the BLAC-RAC 1070 could be the answer. Already in use by the military, law enforcement and federal agencies, the BLAC-RAC adjusts to nearly any weapon type and provides reliable security and peace of mind for those who want a long gun handy. Its unique mounting accessories allow installation in virtually any type of vehicle, and there is no need to remove accessories to stow the weapon. The rack is made of powder-coated steel with an integral hasp and padded synthetic rubber grip plates that secure your weapon without marring the finish. A lock is not included.

MSRP: $399

13. Rainier Munitions Ammunition

After building its reputation and gaining a following in the Pacific Northwest, Rainier’s ammunition is available nationwide. Accurate and reliable, this line of remanufactured ammo is made with some of the best-quality components available. The selection is comprehensive, with 9mm, 10mm, .45 ACP, 300 BLK, .223 Remington and .308 Winchester available in a variety of bullet types and weights.

MSRP: Varies by type

14. Reate Knives K3 Drop Point Folding Knife

The K3 Drop Point Folding Knife’s flipper is quick, and the grip feels good in the hand—making this a legitimate EDC knife. The 3.875-inch CTS-204P stainless drop-point blade is 0.157 inch thick and hardened to 60-61 HRC. The K3 is a good size for most of the tasks you’d expect to handle with a folder. The overall length is 8.75 inches, and the jimping on the spine ensures a good grip, especially when using the knife over extended periods. The titanium handle has carbon-fiber inserts, further reducing the weight and ensuring a long service life. The K3’s titanium pocket clip will keep it in place and at the ready when you need it.

MSRP: $398

15. Crimson Trace LNQ-100G LiNQ Laser Sight and Tactical Light

The LNQ-100G combines a green laser sight and a 300-lumen LED weapon light for AR-type rifles. Employing a secure, individual wireless connection, LiNQ provides control of the laser and light module without the hassle and snag hazard of wires. The included rubber-overmolded polymer grip is ergonomic and designed for quick activation and mode changes without having to release your grip to reach forward to the light. The green laser and powerful tactical light give you high visibility in all lighting conditions. Runtime for the light is over two hours.

MSRP: $430

16. MultiTasker Series 3X Multitool

MultiTasker’s S3X is an AR-specific multi-tool that will save you time and headaches when you’re away from your bench. The 3X is the latest model. It includes a larger knife blade and more functionality than previous versions. With precision-machined pliers and a knife blade of D2 tool steel, you can expect a long, useful life from this must-have tool. Some of the implements included are a carbon scraper, two-prong spanner wrench for castle nuts, 3/8- and 1/2-inch wrenches for optics, and a magnetic bit driver kit that includes a four-prong front sight adjustment tool and 10 commonly used bits.

MSRP: $180


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the April, 2018 print issue of American Survival Guide.

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