Skeeter Hawk's complete pest control collection

Pest Control by Skeeter Hawk

It’s that time again. The bugs are out in full force and we’re gearing up for the onslaught. This full line of pest control by Skeeter Hawk is here to help, whatever it is that’s bugging you.

“Repel ’em, Zap ’em, Bait ’em, Trap ’em!”

Remember in grade school, the teacher would sometimes use a funny little rhyme to help the students remember a lesson?

How about when the students were trying to remember the spelling of certain words? “I before ‘E’ except after ‘C’” was a memorable rule of thumb that the teacher promised wouldn’t steer the class wrong on the day of the big spelling test.

When it comes to the rules of how to keep away mosquitoes and other pesky insects, the folks at Skeeter Hawk have their little rhyme, and they promise it won’t steer any homeowners wrong, either.

Skeeter Hawk’s little tagline describes all the different ways the company’s complete mosquito and pest defense items will make sure no bugs cause a bother inside or outside, all while using safe, chemical-free pest solutions.

Repel ’em

Skeeter Hawk pest control
Carabiners and wristbands repel mosquitoes with essential oils.

Let’s start with “Repel ’em.” Skeeter Hawk has wearable repellent wristbands and carabiners (each $9.99) utilizing a blend of essential oils that repel insects effectively. Their ingredients—geraniol, lemongrass oil and citronella oil—have proven to be more effective than citronella alone at repelling mosquitoes and won’t leave you smelling like a chemical plant.

Zap ’em

Next up is “Zap ’em.” Skeeter Hawk’s versatile line of 360° UV light zappers attracts moths, June bugs, mosquitoes and thousands of other flying pests. Once attracted, bugs are zapped by the electrical grid, eliminating swatting and smacking. Skeeter Hawk even has a rechargeable electric fly swatter for those times when you have to deal with pests up close.

Bait ’em

Then there’s “Bait ’em.” A Skeeter Hawk mosquito bait station protects a backyard area using UV-light technology and natural solution to draw in pests. The all-natural solution the insects feed on kills them off before they can breed again, and it lasts for up to 30 days.

Trap ’em

Finally, there’s “Trap ’em.” Skeeter Hawk’s Fly Traps attract, trap and kill fruit flies, gnats, drain flies, house flies, horse flies, moths, June bugs, mosquitoes and thousands of other flying pests. The trap’s LED UV light attracts the insects, while the whisper-quiet fan sucks them in where they will dehydrate and quickly die in a matter of hours.

Skeeter Hawk pest control
LED UV light attracts pests while the whisper fan sucks them in and dehydrates them, killing them.

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