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TRUE Knives Standard Issue Kit

TRUE Knives deserves a double-take with their newest knife kit. The TRUE Knives’s Standard Issue Kit is a culmination of necessary tools for those entering the world or those who are well-established and has what you need to help keep a cool head while you tackle any chores, tasks or unexpected developments that require an everyday carry solution. The kit features the Wharncliffe knife, slim multitool wallet and nail clippers and has an MSRP of $49.99.

The Blade

The Wharncliffe knife is a compact three-inch, satin-fine edged 3Cr13 steel blade set in an aluminum handle. It features a pocket clip, built-in carabiner, thumb stud for one-handed operation and pistol slide lock. Piston slide locks make opening and closing a knife incredibly fast and easy with outstanding durability and consistency.

The Wharncliffe knife is as sharp as it looks.

The Clippers

Included is a compact-design, stainless-steel nail clipper with a built-in nail file. On the end is a small loophole for easy attachment to a keyring.

Trim a nail or snip a fishing line on the go.

The Multitool

A well-conceived, slim multitool wallet is the icing on the cake. This tool, constructed from fiberglass-filled nylon, holds more than just a man card. Cutouts in the body feature nine wrenches, a ¼-inch bit driver, a bottle opener and inch/centimeter rulers. Measuring man cards inside and outside the imperial system is possible. The entire wallet is held together with an elastic band, securing important items.

This multitool also serves as a wallet.

Knife Features:

  • Wharncliffe knife
  • 3-inch blade length
  • 3Cr13 steel blade material
  • Aluminum handle
  • Integrated thumb stud
  • Piston slide lock
  • Built-in carabiner
  • Pocked clip

Nail Clipper Features:

  • Compact design
  • Built-in nail file
  • Keyring-ready

Wallet Features:

  • Fiberglass-filled nylon body
  • Nine wrenches
  • In/cm ruler
  • Elastic band
  • ¼-inch bit driver
  • Bottle opener

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