What are the things in your EDC lineup?


This new digital publication, Boundless, like its American Survival Guide predecessor, will deal foremost with self-reliance. To be self-reliant, you not only need the knowledge and skills, but the tools and the talismans that give us the mechanisms and the confidence to prevail. All of that is reflected in the items we choose to carry every day.

So, what are the things in your EDC lineup? Your must-carry gear might include such items as a smart phone, pocket knife or multitool, flashlight, and keys. But for the slightly superstitious among us, it might include a challenge coin, rabbit’s foot or some other good luck charm.

My purveyor of luck is usually some way to make fire. Maybe that’s because I’ve spent lots of time off pavement and have regularly depended on such a device. Having the basics of survival covered inspires confidence that I can face whatever else the day brings. So, I won’t leave home without a fire-maker, even though my prospects of needing to start a fire in a grocery store or shopping mall are astronomically low. 

I’d like you to participate in a little experiment. Empty your pockets, snap a quick photo and sent that photo to me along with a short explanation of what you carry and why. We’ll publish some of the responses in an upcoming issue of Boundless.

Steve Barlow, editor

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