The Zone Full Zip Hoodie is an excellent choice for an early-morning or late-afternoon stroll.

REVIEW: 5.11 Tactical’s Zone Full Zip Hoodie

Calling All Hoodie Lovers! Check Out 5.11 Tactical’s Zone Full Zip Hoodie

Here’s the thing: I have a serious love of hoodies. I mean, it’s to the point that I get kind of bummed when the weather warms up in spring, leaving me impatiently tapping my foot until fall arrives and I can happily don one of my favorite clothing items again. I find them comfortable, cozy and just all-around awesome. So, it was with no small amount of anticipation that I took on the assignment of reviewing the Zone Full Zip Hoodie from 5.11 Tactical. I was already very familiar with 5.11’s standards for high-quality construction and materials, so I had an inkling of what to expect in those depart

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