Once lit, the char cloth or fungus is placed in the middle of the tinder bundle. Blowing on the glowing ember increases the heat and spreads it to the coarse tinder. Blow gently at first and carefully increase the force as the ember grows hotter. When flames appear, place it on the fire lay and add kindling.


For cooking, processing water, heating and defense from the night, there’s nothing like it. Here’s how to summon a flame when you need it.

Before starting an outdoor adventure, I go through my gear to make sure it’s all present and in working order. My principal items—food, water and shelter—are physical things that I can touch. However, one necessity in most situations is fire. I can't carry fire in my backpack, only the tools and materials that have the potential to aid in the creation of fire. Read that last part again. Only through knowledge and skill can I effectively put those tools to use to start a fire. [caption id="attachment_26036" align="alignce

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