Snip, Slice, Saw and Save: Real Avid's Rugged and Dependable Multi-tools
With 18 tools specifically designed for handgun owners, each tool has a well-defined purpose.

Snip, Slice, Saw and Save: Real Avid’s Rugged and Dependable Multi-tools

In a survival situation, the best tool is the one you have in your hand, so why not make the one you have in your hand the best tool? Twine, rope, twigs, branches, wire, kindling, meat, bones, or fabrics… screws,  bolts, cans… things will need to be cut, sawed, opened, or repaired. Carrying around a smattering of tools to accomplish all of these tasks is inefficient and impractical, especially when there are tools that combine all of these elements in one. Real Avid provides a host of tools and equipment for exactly that. Aimed at gun owners and outdoorsmen, these tools offer a level of confidence that when faced with an obstacle, surmounting it is only a tool away.

The Pistol Tool

Essential to the range bag of any avid shooter and equally essential for a handgun-equipped go bag, the Pistol Tool has 18 titanium coated stainless steel components specifically designed to handle most repair and maintenance jobs on a wide variety of handguns. From mounting accessories, field striping and adjusting sights to changing grips and flashlight mounts, this tool can do it all. It offers a three-inch blade with a tanto point for general cutting.

The four hex keys for laser sights come in sizes ranging from 1/16 to 0.028 inches, while the six hex bits have a variety of drivers, such as 3/16 and 1/8 flathead, #1 and #2 Phillips, a 3/32 hex and a T15 Torx. The bits are equipped with ball detents to ensure they don’t slip from the socket. On the pommel end of the tool is a barrel bushing wrench specifically for a 1911, and the end is a durable surface on which to hammer if need be. The pick and scraper, 3/32-inch punch and the fine tooth metal file (part of the tool driver) lock into position so they won’t fold up under pressure, and they all snugly fit into the body of the tool.

The Pistol Tool Specifications

> Titanium-coated stainless steel components
> 1911 government and officer bushing wrench
> 4 bondhus protanium hex keys for laser sights
> Non-hardened stainless-steel pick/scraper
> 2.5-inch bit driver
> 3⁄32-inch pin punch with 8-32 threads
> 3-inch tanto knife
> 6 hex bits with ball detents
> Fine-tooth metal file
> Tap hammer surface

MSRP: $39.99

Compact and slim, the Pistol Tool fits neatly in your go-bag or in your pocket.
The six hex bits fit snugly into the driver thanks to the ball detents.
The four hex keys are designed for the installation and removal of laser sights and other
rail-mounted hardware.
Each tool locks securely into position, so they will not fold up under pressure.
With 18 tools specifically designed for handgun owners, each tool has a well-defined purpose.


In the field, on an adventure, or scraping by on the skin of your teeth in a survival scenario, Real Avid’s Multi-Cutter is a must-have tool. Its rubber grip handle keeps the tool securely in your hand, while the stainless steel cutting shears can snip through larger branches with its half-inch cutting notch. The three-inch drop-point and the claw-point knife blades are made from 440 stainless steel, as is the remaining tools.

Since Real Avid is a gun accessory/tool company, this tool has a universal choke tube wrench that fits .410 to 10-gauge shotgun barrels, as well as a punch pin that can break down shotgun actions for field cleaning and/or maintenance. The branch/limb saw and tree-step starter are essential for hunters as well as outdoorsmen gathering kindling or clearing a blind. It comes with a ballistic nylon pouch.

It comes with a semi-rigid sheath made from ballistic nylon. The belt loop is wide enough to   accommodate most belts.

The Multi-Cutter Specifications

> Rubber grip handle
> Stainless steel cutting shears w/ 1⁄2” cutting notch and shears lock
> Brush/limb saw
> 3-inch 440 drop point knife
> 440 claw point knife
> Universal choke wrench
> Tree step starter
> Pin punch
> Ballistic nylon sheath

MSRP: $39.99

More at home in the wild of the backcountry, the Multi-Cutter has a great many skills, from cutting to sawing. The two-inch shears have a half-inch cutting notch to steady branches while they are sliced.

Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the August 2015 print issue of American Survival Guide.

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