Emergency Radios: A Comforting Connection To Others During Trying Times

Emergency Radios: A Comforting Connection To Others During Trying Times

When planning for survival situations, unexpected emergencies or natural disasters; the basics are usually crossed off the list first. Food, water, shelter, and fire-making devices are easy to find and are quickly packed away in a 72-hour bag until needed. One item, however, which many people often overlook when stocking a bug-out bag or emergency kit is a portable, multi-powered radio.

These possibly life-saving devices are specifically designed in function and durability for outdoor survival. Although some radio units may still retain an A/C power cord, most run on auxiliary power sources, such as solar energy, over the counter batteries, and hand-created power in the form of a crank or lever that charges the unit.

In addition to critical information you may gain over the airwaves, many of these emergency radios come equipped with extra gadgets to help you get through difficult times. Flashlights, emergency sirens, compasses, thermometers and even phone charging outlets accent some of the diverse models available on the market today.

Always remember that aside from the technological advances of the radios, one feature that can’t be overlooked is your instant peace of mind that comes with hearing another human’s voice when you are alone, isolated and desperate to go on. That connection may be all it takes to light the spark within you to continue on and eventually get yourself to the safety and security of others.

1. Hybrid Power Radio

The Secur Hybrid radio is the perfect addition to your Bug-Out Vehicle or auxiliary Bug-Out location. This emergency radio exhibits multi-functionality without taking up much needed space for other supplies. It receives both AM and FM signals, necessary to receive ever-changing instructions and information during nearly any crises. This unit runs on both human power and solar power, so batteries are never needed. It runs up to an amazing 7 hours on a full charge and only takes one minute of hand cranking to achieve a full 20 minutes of run time. Its backup solar panel constantly recharges the radio to allow hands-free operation. The Secur Hybrid is so versatile, you also have the option of charging through a USB port or even an A/C cigarette lighter if you have the luck to find one when “out in the field.”

  • MSRP: $34.99
  • Maverick Industries Inc.
  • 94 Mayfield Avenue, Edison NJ 08837
  • 855-452-8388


2. The Best Emergency Radio

It takes a lot of confidence to call your radio “The Best,” yet this unit backs up that boast with top rankings in playback time, clearest reception and longest running time on a full charge. This model features a large ergonomic hand crank that requires minimal effort to charge to full capacity. Once charged, utilize its many valuable options, including an AM/FM digital tuner, a crisp and clear NOAA weather band to keep you alert to changing conditions, and an integrated LED flashlight. If bad weather does arrive, no need to worry. The casing is fully water resistant and a powerful USB charging port can bring your cell phones back to life in very little time. Don’t be left out in a dire situation with an inferior, cheaply constructed emergency radio, The Best Radio comes with a no-charge lifetime guarantee backing up the company’s assurance of quality. On a bright and sunny day, an integrated solar panel offers a secondary power source.

  • MSRP: $99.95
  • Hammacher Schlemmer
  • 9180 LeSaint Drive, Fairfield, Ohio  45014
  • (800) 321-1484


3. Wind’n Go

This compact unit has everything you need for signaling and communication when out in the wild. With just two to three minutes of winding, this emergency radio will give you nearly 45 minutes of radio reception, including both AM and FM signals and most important, the NOAA weather band. Your survival may depend upon avoiding changing weather conditions; stay one step ahead with this rugged piece of emergency equipment. Its numerous features include an LED flashlight, cell phone charger, high decibel siren, and flashing red emergency light; all crank powered so you can survive and thrive when the grid goes down. An included USB adapter and optional 120V/12V charger are also compatible power sources.


4. Weather Alert Radio

The Midland Weather Alert Radio contains all the traditional emergency items you need when disaster strikes, as well as many unique and innovative features. Multiple power sources, including hand crank, solar, and battery power give life to this outdoor essential. Pick up the NOAA weather band signal to stay alert of all changing weather in your area.

When daylight disappears or the power grid goes down, use the extra bright LED flashlight to find your way through the blackness of night. This radio is ideal for emergency situations with its included SOS flashlight beacon and ultrasonic dog whistle to allow search crews to find you quickly when time is not on your side. The unit comes complete with a long-life battery and USB cell phone or tablet charger.

  • MSRP: $69.99
  • Midland Radio Corporation
  • 5900 Parretta Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64120
  • (816) 241-8500


5. Base Camp Radio

The name says it all. The Base Camp Radio is the ideal portable communication center for your campsite or anywhere you need to stay connected to incoming important information. It features a 22-channel GMRS two-way radio, complete with AM/FM and NOAA weather accessibility, and that’s just the beginning. This fantastic unit acts as an alarm clock with a bright LCD backlit display, a three LED flashlight, an all-hazard alert receiver and is completely water resistant to keep everything working under harsh conditions. Use the hand crank or 4-AA batteries to keep this radio operating at its fullest potential and when it’s near other Midland radios, this unit can continuously charge them, too. A USB port, external handset/microphone jacks, AC/DC adapters, microphone and rechargeable battery come complete with this multi-purpose survival communications center.

  • MSRP: $89.99
  • Midland Radio Corporation
  • 5900 Parretta Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64120
  • (816) 241-8500


6. Classic CB Radio

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a CB Radio. Although not as popular as it once was during the 70’s and 80’s, this staple found in nearly every 18-wheel truck could be your direct contact to others when the world around you turns horribly bad. This classic CB by Midland delivers full 4-watts of output power, ensuring you the maximum communication range. The unit features 40 channels and has both Xtra-Talk Mic Gain and RF Gain Control that automatically adjusts transmission and reception clarity. No more static-filled conversations; and when lives may be on the line, you can’t afford to miss one single word. This is a CB of today, filled with modern technological features, including a squelch control, which reduces background sounds, a PA function to broadcast through an external speaker, a noise blanket, noise limiter, an adjustable dimmer and useful signal meter.


7. FRX Hand Turbine Weather Radio

The FRX 1 packs all your necessary survival needs in one easy-to-use compact unit. Utilizing a dynamo motor, the FRX1 allows you a constant supply of power created by the built-in hand crank feature. When and if the world goes dark, you no longer have to rely on batteries or A/C power to keep this weather radio operating when you need it most. Stay in tune with important AM/FM and NOAA broadcasts while under emergency situations. Getting up-to-the-minute information is crucial for your personal survival or getting the injured to those that can help. It also features a unique glow-in-the-dark indicator that enables you to secure it quickly when scrambling for a safer location. An internal long-life rechargeable Ni-MH battery, an LED flashlight and an included set of headphones round out this unit’s exceptional mix of must-have features.


8. Mini Super Global Shortwave Radio

When traveling the world, you need a radio that is compact, yet able to pick up stations across the globe. Luckily for you the Eton Mini AM/FM Shortwave Radio is just such an instrument. You won’t believe a radio this small does what it does, and does it extremely well! Built with two antennas, one inside the casing and one telescoping exterior on the outside, this unit picks up nearly any signal within its range, displays the station on the high contrast screen and projects the sound out clearly, to your ears. The digital tuner locates all the stations within your area quickly and without irritating static. The unit doubles as an alarm clock, with a bright, illuminating display and optional sleep timer and essential lock button to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. The Mini runs on 2 AAA batteries or uses an optional 6V DC plug-in jack. This unit comes complete with a carrying pouch and USB cable.

  • MSRP: $44.99
  • Eton Corporation Headquarters
  • 1015 Corporation Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303
  • (800) 872-3867


9. Dynamo Radio

Simple, compact, and perfect for everyday or survival use, the Kaito Dynamo Radio fits comfortably in your hand while providing you with all the news and information you need when under emergency conditions. No electricity? No problem, just turn the crank and you have instant power from the internal dynamo. AM/FM and weather band broadcasts will help guide you to needed food, water, medical supplies, or where to meet up with other survivors of your life-changing situation. The unit also features a bright flashlight, which is indispensable during dangerous nighttime hours. Uses two AA batteries as an additional power source if needed. Weighing in at only 8.6 ounces, it won’t weigh down your pack or make it difficult to carry by hand.

  • MSRP: $19.95
  • Kaito Electronics Inc
  • 5185 Cliffwood Drive, Montclair CA 91763
  • (866) KAITO76


10. NOAA Weather Radio

The Kaito NOAA weather radio has one mission; to give you up to the minute weather reports through your local NOAA broadcasts, and it succeeds perfectly! Quickly and easily receive custom reports by county throughout the United States and Canada. This tiny radio fits perfectly in any survival pack, your vehicle’s glove compartment or even in your vest, jacket or pants pocket. It goes where you do and is easy to use and operate with instant one-touch digital tuning and manual fine-tuning search capabilities. Its extra long telescoping antenna ensures extra sharp reception, even in the most remote of locations. Choose from three colors; red, black or white and is powered by either three AAA batteries or micro USB adapter.

  • MSRP: $29.95
  • Kaito Electronics Inc
  • 5185 Cliffwood Drive
  • Montclair CA 91763
  • (866) KAITO76
  • KaitoUSA.com


11. Voyager Radio with Dream Features

Looking for a survival radio with all the bells and whistles? If so, then the Kaito emergency radio with dream features should be your first choice. This unit features a staggering six options to power this essential tool, including solar, crank, AA batteries, AC adapter (Optional), rechargeable battery pack and USB charging port. This dream machine receives AM, FM, SW1 and SW2 signals, as well as seven standard weather bands and a weather alert feature that activates whenever critical information is relayed. This amazing piece of equipment also doubles as a camp side five-LED reading lamp and offers two emergency signals, red and white, used to indicate the severity of your personal survival situation. This radio is perfect to store in your car, cabin, and alternative bug-out location or anywhere you need an invaluable multi-function helping hand.

  • MSRP: $69.99
  • Kaito Electronics Inc
  • 5185 Cliffwood Drive, Montclair CA 91763
  • (866) KAITO76


12. Digital Solar Dynamo NOAA Weather Radio

When preparing for a survival situation, your best tools and equipment are ones that serve more than one purpose, and the Secur All-In-One emergency radio fits that description perfectly. Its rainproof exterior and hand crank power generator eliminates your need to stay on the electrical grid, if it still happens to be up and functioning. The unit features AM/FM digital tuning as well as the NOAA weather alert band to keep you always informed about changing weather patterns. Use the radio to charge your cell phones or other digital devices, while the radio itself can be charged from any USB power source. Its included flashlight contains three high-powered LED lights to help find your way in dark or dusty conditions and its locking hanging carabineer keep this portable multi-use unit close by and ready when needed. This radio is a “must-have” for any survivalist, camper or outdoorsman.

  • MSRP: $65
  • Maverick Industries Inc.
  • 94 Mayfield Avenue
  • Edison NJ 08837
  • (855) 452-8388