This one’s (maybe) for the ladies. Your patio will be both chic and mosquito-free with this Fredericks and Mae Citronella Incense Coil. FREDERICKS AND MAE PHOTO


3 METHODS TO KEEP PESKY INSECTS AWAY You’re sitting on the edge of a mirror-crisp lake, watching the sun come up with a cup of cowboy coffee steaming up your face…when you see a flurry out of the corner of your eye. Then, you hear it. The infernal buzzing that can only mean one thing: bloodsuckers. Nothing ruins an otherwise peaceful outdoor excursion like the buzzing of mosquitoes in one’s ears. Or spotting a tick making its slow but sure ascent up your pantleg. Or discovering a crop of little red bumps—chiggers—setting up camp on your thigh. You get the idea. We call them pests for a reason. They annoy the hell out of us, but the annoyance is the least of our worries. Most bi

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