Nothing says survival like the ability to make fire. And nothing can light as many fires as the Exotac fireROD XL. 

Exotac and American Outdoor Guide Boundless have teamed to give one of these excellent fire-starters away. It costs nothing to enter. Just click the button below for your chance to win. 

The Exotac fireROD XL features a ferro rod that’s ½-inch thick. And if you should ever wear it out, replacement rods are available that simply thread into the housing. That housing is CNC machined from aluminum and it features a watertight compartment made to store four included quickLIGHT tinder tabs. Wrapped on the outside is about 12 inches of heavy duty tape. 

Use it to repair gear, improvise it into bandages or even use it as additional tinder because, yes, it will burn.

Exotac products are used by survival experts around the world. You can see all of their gear at In the meantime, hit the button and you might be the lucky winner.

Entries close March 14, with the winner announced March 16. [ENTER NOW]

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