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Streamlight Bandit Headlamp

Streamlight’s newest entry into the headlamp arena is lightweight, yet powerful. The Bandit comes with an elastic strap to keep it in place on your head, but the light can also attach to the brim of a ball cap. On the “high” setting, the Bandit blasts out a full 180 lumens. At a mere 1.3 ounces and fewer than 3 inches long, it will fit into all but the smallest of kits. The internal battery charges in a couple of hours via USB.


  • Three modes: high (180 lumens), low (35 lumens), emergency flash (180 lumens)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Available in yellow or black
  • Weight: 1.3 ounces
  • Width: 2.7 inches

MSRP $35

Extreme Wilderness Survival

One of the latest survival manuals to hit the market is this one, written by noted survival instructor (and American Survival Guide contributor) Craig Caudill. This is a no-nonsense look at wilderness situations, along with emergency preparedness in general.

Caudill is the founder of Nature Reliance School and has taught survival and tracking to members of the military, as well as law enforcement officers from federal, state and local agencies.


  • Suitable for beginners and seasoned outdoorsmen, alike
  • Covers survival mindset, shelter, food, water and many other topics
  • Paperback, 192 pages
  • 7.4×8.9 inches

MSRP $21.99

Rothco Concealed-Carry Jacket

This concealed-carry jacket from Rothco is perfect for both right- and left-handed shooters. Inside the jacket, you’ll find an inner pocket and two magazine pouches on each side. The lightweight cotton-and-polyester-blend material won’t weigh you down and looks quite handsome. You can be tactical without freaking people out on the bus or train (always a plus!).


  • Two zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Adjustable wrist closures
  • 55% cotton/45% polyester construction
  • Full-length front zipper
  • Available in black or coyote brown
  • Sizes: small–4XL

MSRP $81.99

Dragonfire Flint and Steel Set

This fire-making kit is a collaboration among several well-respected outdoors craftsmen: Malcolm Coderre of The Hidden Woodsmen designed the carrying pouch; Mikhail Merkurieff, creator of the Emberlit stove, created the dragon-themed steel striker; and the Texas chert included in the kit was provided by Jonathan Burton. Included with the kit is a 16-ounce tin stuffed with natural tinder collected by Dragonfire owner Daryl Halseth and his team.


  • Texas chert and steel striker
  • Fatwood and chaga pieces

MSRP $75

Superesse Patch Kit

Morale patches are found on packs, pouches, hats and sleeves. Few would see one and imagine it contains anything—let alone lifesaving gear and supplies. Each patch is laser cut and is modified with a storage pocket inside. The patch shown here is the MacGyver, or supply, pouch, which contains tools and items useful in everyday situations. Superesse has 15 different patch kits, including first aid and escape-and-evasion.


  • Screwdriver head
  • Duct tape
  • Cordage
  • Small blade
  • Additional supplies
  • Patch size: 3×2 inches

MSRP $40

Wazoo Cache Belt

The Cache Belt leaves old-fashioned money belts in the dust. A hidden pouch runs a full 2 feet along the back of the belt, allowing you to covertly store all manner of gear and supplies. At a minimum, the Cache Belt can carry a supply of cash, as well as travel documents and other essentials, so you don’t need to worry about pickpockets—at home or abroad.


  • Available in waist sizes from 26 to 56 inches
  • Gray with carbon steel buckle or black with stainless steel buckle
  • May be purchased empty or complete with survival kit for an added charge

MSRP Not available

Make Ready with Tony Blauer: The SPEAR System DVD

The SPEAR System utilizes the body’s hard-wired flinch-and-startle reflex and turns it into close-quarter defensive tactics. Tony Blauer has been teaching this personal defense system to civilians, law enforcement officers and military personnel for almost 30 years. In this DVD, the science and theory behind the SPEAR System are discussed. From there, the system basics are covered, such as stance, flow and drills.


  • Uses physics, physiology and psychology to form a complete defensive system
  • Also available as a digital download
  • Length: 1 hour, 40 minutes

MSRP $19.99

SOL Escape Pro Bivvy

This bivvy might be all you need, even when nighttime temps dip down to 40 degrees (F). The SOL Escape Pro Bivvy is waterproof, windproof and reflects 90 percent of your body heat back to you. On top of all that, it is breathable, so you don’t end up with moisture inside the bivvy. It has a 24-inch zippered side opening and taped seams to keep out drafts. This is a great sleep option for day trips, as well as emergencies.


  • Features Sympatex Reflexion performance fabric
  • Size: 31×84 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces

MSRP $125

CRKT Tecpatl Knife

A push knife is perhaps one of the most instinctive blade styles to use for self-defense. We are taught from a young age how to make a fist; a push knife adds a sharp edge to that natural weapon. With a single finger hole and ergonomic shape, the Tecpatl is designed to be quickly deployed from its Kydex sheath. The sheath has multiple attachment points, allowing you to position it just where you need it most.


  • Overall length: 5.813 inches
  • Blade length: 3.375 inches
  • Blade steel: SK5 carbon
  • Kydex sheath with MOLLE-compatible clip

MSRP $89.99

SOL Phoenix Multi-Tool

The Phoenix is an interesting spin on the traditional pocket knife or multi-tool design. It has a ferrocerium rod that flips out like the blade on a jackknife. Along one side of the Phoenix’s body is a small compartment for holding tinder. The other side has a small fixed-blade knife. The knife is also the striker for the ferro rod. In addition, the Phoenix has a 9-lumen LED light to help you find fuel for your fire, along with a built-in whistle to assist you in getting found if you lose your way.


  • Includes two tinder packets and batteries for the LED light
  • Fixed-blade knife with a bottle opener and 3mm–7mm wrench
  • Has an attached belt clip

MSRP $25

B.O.S.S. Fire Survival Kit

The B.O.S.S. (Bug Out Survival Supplements) Fire Kit is small enough to just toss into your bug-out or get-home bag and forget it’s there until you need it. The kit contains all you need to get a flame in any weather condition. The Kevlar thread and flange bearing are used for making a bow drill.


  • Ferro rod and striker
  • Butane lighter and waterproof matches
  • Fresnel lens
  • Includes a knife, wire saw and more
  • Zippered Mylar pouch keeps contents dry
  • Size: 7.5×4.25 inches

MSRP $19.99

B.O.S.S. Fishing and Hunting Survival Kit

This small pouch kit includes many necessities for procuring fish and game in the wild. The B.O.S.S. Fishing and Hunting Survival Kit includes all manner of fishing gear, such as an automatic reel, line, weights, floats and several types of bait.


  • Kit includes more than 120 components
  • Folding multi-tool, razor blade
  • Several types of line plus snare wire
  • 7.5 inches high, 4.25 inches wide
  • Zippered Mylar pouch keeps the kit dry

MSRP $19.99


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the July, 2017 print issue of American Survival Guide.

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