Even in the summer, avalanches and the risk of hypothermia are almost always possible in the high altitudes of the taiga, like in Glacier National Park. BRIAN KAMPRATH / ISTOCK PHOTO


LEARN BIOME BASICS TO HIKE IN AMERICA’S 6 DIVERSE ENVIRONMENTS Ever been on the trail in one part of the country and felt you had everything you needed, only to bring that same trusty setup to a different region and feel woefully unprepared? Maybe you’re used to hiking the Pacific Northwest, so you’re always stocked with extra socks for when the ceaseless drizzle puts your waterproof boots to the test. Maybe you skimp on carried water because you know the next stream is just around the bend. While extra socks usually aren’t a bad thing, that water strategy certainly won’t be adequate for the deserts of the Southwest. Each region requires a different plan of attack. According

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